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Satanic-Nazi ZxCrystalm3l3onavi97773ad connection: the King of Evil

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Satanic-Nazi ZxCrystalm3l3onavi97773ad_connection: the King of Evil is the most evil being in the universe. He grows his evilness by absorbing other evil people and subsequently absorbing their names. It makes him take a piece from that person and making it a part of himself.

The fact that he violates nomorph makes him more evil. He also violates nohug because he has to hug an evil person to absorb them. Also, he uses a Mac.


List of evil things he absorbed

  • Don Watermeleon
  • Crystal Mew
  • Navi
  • Ganon
  • zn3t
  • Hitler
  • Satan
  • Zoo
  • DOC777
  • d3ad_connection

List of evil things he plans to absorb

  • Pokegods
  • m
  • Trolls
  • Evil Villains
  • Ultimate Evil
  • The Joker
  • Merciless Ming
  • AOL
  • Barney the Dinosaur


How he got the power to absorb

When he was born, he had a severe mutation, giving him no face. He was also bald. But Gammasphere technology allowed him to see, hear, breath, and eat through his skin that took the place of his face. But his parents disliked him so much because of his facelessness, that they gave him no name, knowing people would tease him some more about it.

In fact, people did tease him about it. Some even beat him up. Many called him "No-Name" and "No-Face". He became more and more evil over the years, and he even beat up a few weak kids. But, because of the technology, he was somewhat clumsy. One day, he tripped over a rock at school, stumbled and bumped into a can of radioactive material, made it fall, and of course some of the radioactive material splashed onto him. It didn't cause any harmful effects, though, and gave him the power to absorb people with evilness in their minds. The first person he absorbed was a schoolyard bully called DOC777, who tormented him so much.

Absorbing Navi and Ganon


Satanic-Nazi ZxCrystalm3l3onavi97773ad_connection: the King of Evil was traveling across the land of Hyrule. When he arrived in Kokiri Forest, he sensed great evil. He sensed Navi, a fairy who loved to annoy people and drive them mad by yelling "HEY LISTEN" all the time. In fact, he found Navi flying in front of him. He dashed in front of Navi, grabbed the ball of light, and forced her into his chest, absorbing the evilness. He gained the ability to fly, and flew testing his new ability until he found the Deku Tree. For some strange reason, the Deku Tree thought the ugly morph was a fairy, and asked him to guide Link on his quest. Satanic-Nazi ZxCrystalm3l3onavi97773ad_connection: the King of Evil accepted, but his newly-gained annoyance and additional evil made Link fail in his quest to save Hyrule.


After hearing of who Link was supposed to go kill, Satanic-Nazi ZxCrystalm3l3onavi97773ad_connection: the King of Evil thought they might be some good evilness to absorb. In fact, with his powers, he managed to get to the evil person, Ganon, much faster than Link would have done. Needless to say, Ganon was absorbed too.


The Satanic-Nazi ZxCrystalm3l3onavi97773ad_connection: the King of Evil talks in chatspeak, never uses punctuation or capital letters, spams forums, has an army to take Poland by force, has a fiery underworld as a lair and plans to overthrow Abwayax and accuse him of stealing. He also believes he is the sole arbiter of everything that is awesome.


Although the Satanic-Nazi ZxCrystalm3l3onavi97773ad_connection: the King of Evil sounds too powerful to ever be defeated it is destroyed by the OPPOSING IDEA RAY.

Great battles

There have no great battles against this creature, only school punch ups. Although as it's power grows battle may be inevitable.

Crimes he committed

  • Teaching noobs how to use the Internet
  • Killing billions of Jewish people
  • Forcing the Hero of Time to fail in his quest to save Hyrule by annoying him
  • Trying to assert total control of awesomeness