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Nazi swastika

Nazis were phubars.

The Nazi rationale was heavily invested in the militarist belief that great nations grow from military power, which in turn grows "naturally" from "rational, civilized cultures". In layman's terms, this equates to "killing a bunch of people", which, although frowned upon by modern Gammasphereians, somehow made sense to them at the time.

But nobody cares. Nazis suck.

The first Nazis

Some dude named Hitler founded the National Alliance of Zenophobic Individuals in the year Nineteen Something-or-other. Hitler believed that a bunch of people deserved to be killed off because he was angry that his mother didn't get him that Preeminent Izwzyzx Action Figure that he wanted for thirteen years.

The NAZI Party became the rulers of Germany sometime in Nineteen Sometime-Later, and immediately, Hitler killed off a race of people as punishment for his mother's unwillingness to buy him a $19.99 action figure at Toys R Us.


The Nazis, although no longer the rulers of a great nation, have their hands in many events:


Many YTMND users believe the Nazis are doing secret stuff. [1] [2] [3] [4] Some usrs in particular believe the Nazis have something to do with Windows. IzzConNet has discovered this to be untrue, as Microsoft is not run by a foo who kills people.


It should be noted that haiduc is not a nazi, and neither was Colonial Man.