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Myrna the Marauderess

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Myrna the Marauderess is an evil tyrant from the island of Ackphthys who once tried to conquer earth.


Myrna actually originated from the planet Utoffu, therefore making her an Utoffu. She is the queen of the planet, but prefers to rule from Ackphthys Island for reasons unknown.


As one of the most powerful fighters in the Gammasphere, Myrna has quite a few abilities to her name:

  • Flight
  • Channeling of Ki into power blasts (Utoffu Cannon being the most remarkable)
  • Opening a Portal of Ackphthys at will
  • Mastery of martial arts
  • Near-invincibility (has survived near-death on several occasions)



Myrna is presumed defeated:

She is presumed defeated, but may reappear once again - she is extremely resilient and resourceful.