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For those who have a taste for totalitarian propaganda, Pokeshine Wiki has an article about Gammapedia.

Gammapedia is a central part of the Gammasphere Project, which aims to create a fictional universe that can be added to by anyone.


Gammapedia 1 was first established on the (then server circa October 2005, but failed miserably because it was so slow. In December 2005, it was moved to 100WebSpace, a hosting provider Abwayax had had an account on since November 2004. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds with new additions to the fictional universe of the Gammasphere being made every month.

Future Plans

In June 2007, there will be a site, which will be the basis for all things related to the Gammasphere Project. The Gammapedia itself will be moved to, and new things will be made based on the fictional universe of the Gammasphere, such as stories, comics, video games, etc.